Initial details are provided including how to apply for loan, required documents

How to apply
1. Customer specification (hirer) :

+ Individuals aged between 20-65 years old
+ Must be Thai nationality
+ Having regular income or minimum monthly wage (if there is an extra income, please provide support documents)
+ Working period at least 4 months
+ Easy to contact (home and work)
* please note that customer specification are subject to change withour prior notice

2. Prepare documents (see below) by clearly specifying the full address and contact details.
3. Hirer signs the application documents at the motorcycle shop.
4. WL officer verifies the application documents.
5. WL officer informs the branch in the areas.
6. WL officer/branch staff begin the loan approval process.
7. Inform to the customer when the credit process is finished.
8. If approved, the hirer signs the contracts
9. Receive motorcycle at the shop.

Required documents
1. Loan application form (hirer).
2. Copy of ID card (valid) for hirer (must bring the original).
3. Copy of Household Registration for hirer (must bring the original).
4. Income documents support (if any.)