WorldLease Company Limited
The company is currently one of subsidiaries of CIMB Thai Bank PCL since May 2005, previously beginning the business by joint venture between 2 financial institutions with registered capital of 20.0 Million Baht by using the name of "Siamwall Leasing Co., Ltd." registered in June 1994 in order to operating the business of hire purchase of motorcycles and leasing among automobiles, machineries and other equipments which had a potential growth during that times.

In 1995, another financial institution joined a partnership and increased the registered capital to 60.0 Million Baht. Until the economic crisis in 1997, the 2 financial institutions were formally suspended the operation while another was withdrawn from the joint venture. Therefore, a reorganization of the remaining shares was held by a group of executives, the company had restructured debt and repayment of all loans to financial institutions in 2000. After that, the company had operated toward the goals with main shareholders by focusing on the business of hire purchase of motorcycles.

In 2005, the company considered a high competition in the business. Also the new competitors both in the financial sector (Banking) and non-financial sector (Non-Banking) jumped into operating the retail finance including the business of hire purchase of motorcycles. As a consequence of intensive competition, management into the direction with low cost in operation, high efficiencies and proper in economies of scale will be considered in competitive business. The company has joined with CIMB Thai Bank PCL and increase the registered capital to 240.0 Million Baht and changed its name to BT WorldLease Co., Ltd. in May, 2005 and changed to WorldLease Co., Ltd. in November, 2010. Later, in May 2012, the company's registered capital is increased to 400.0 Million Baht. Recently in February 2013, the company's registered capital is increased to 600.0 Million Baht.